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Yucca Rellenas

Yucca Rellenas, (meat-stuffed cassava) also know, as Carimañolas is traditional dish from the Caribbean coast bordering central and South America. It is a yucca fritter, by first mashing cooled-down boiled yucca, next kneading the mashed yucca “dough” in doing so, into a medium sized croquette like roll while then stuffing with seasoned ground meat (picadillo) with tomato sauce, minced onions, garlic, peppers, cilantro, and spices when done forming they are lightly coated in flour. Yucca rellenas are usually stored frozen! Upon serving, deep-frying is suggested! In doing so, until golden brown in color. Baking although works well, providing a lighter crisp layer on the outside while tender on the inside.

Our Stuffed cassavas are often served as a breakfast item, a popular afternoon snack, often eaten as lunch, or even as an appetizer. Usually accompanied with a “salsa criolla” or an aji sauce or by simply dipping in traditional salsa, making a great energy packed start to the day! Popular at eateries, food stands in fairs and folklore festivals, parties, and social occasion as well.

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