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Papas Rellenas

Papa Rellenas, (Cuban fried stuffed potatoes) are inarguably one of the more classic of Cuban side dishes consisting of mashed potato dough into which a filling made of seasoned ground meat (picadillo), onions, whole olives, hard-boiled eggs, cumin, and other spices is stuffed. Portions of mashed potatoes are formed into spherical-shaped potato balls instantly dipped into an egg wash as well, and then rolled onto a cracker-meal breading, providing a sealed layer of breadcrumb coating. Typically, papa’s rellenas are stored frozen! Upon serving, we suggest preparing deep-fried (preferred) or in a small skillet using cooking oil until golden brown and crispy all-around.

Our stuffed-potato balls make perfect for snacks, appetizers, or party trays as they can be eaten either as a hand held snack, or even by using utensils. Papa’s rellenas are a local favorite in heavily populated Latino communities. They too, continue to gain popularity throughout many eateries such as restaurants and cafes as a fast food item.

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Net weight Case dimensions Pricing
3" Round ball Regular size 24


17-1/4"Lg x 12”Wd x 3-3/4”Ht.

$ 14.00