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The history of the Cubanita brand traces its root to the late 1970’s. It all began in the suburbs of Miami; better know today as Westchester where the local family owned pizza parlor once stood. At the time, serving pizzas and preparing sandwiches were our in house specialties. Shortly thereafter, along came a distributor by the name of S. Dominguez whom worked for La Argentina (a private company) which was promoting a new food service product to businesses around the area. He strongly urged us to take advantage on what this unique product had to offer. That product known today as “tapas” an Argentinean type of dough product, its primary use was to prepare empanadas, some referred to them as dough for pastries.

We started using this versatile product in our pizzeria/cafeteria stand, soon enough sales & demand of this product began to increase, which suddenly lead to new ideas. This so-called idea was to bring about a new business relation between Felix M. Barboza and S. Dominguez to recreate, what they called “discos” dough for pastries. Approaching 1980’s both these individual would go on to make a name for themselves by establishing their company, Cubanita frozen foods. While Mr. Barboza & Mr. Dominguez were providing their disco dough product to bakeries, restaurant, wholesalers alike, sooner than earlier their routes would expand, and the business would grow to new heights.

Through the knowledge & experience acquired in the manufacturing of dough products, is what allowed our family in 1983 to buy out the partnership company from S. Dominguez. We proceeded, and soon positioned ourselves as one of the leading companies as manufacturers and distributors of Hispanic foods. Today after 30+ years in the frozen food industry, we have attained a well-known reputation throughout the country; our manufacturing plants and warehouse occupy a quarter blocks in northwest Miami-Dade County, Florida. We remain family owned and operated under Felix M. Barboza guidance; we are dedicated to providing quality Hispanic food products to both food service and retail industries.