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The most recent arrival, and addition to our dough family of product, they too are flour-based. These Hojaldre type discos (dough for pastries) provide consumers with added benefits such as convenience and taste in a hearty fare as well. Hojaldre discos are primarily used for Empanadas (turnover pastries) which are very popular as appetizers and/or snacks, commonly served in most eateries such as cafeterias, restaurants, and catering services. These discos provide several other functional uses such as stuffed pockets, twists, and other fancy pastries as well. What sets apart this “Hojaldre” dough from our traditional dough is their flakiness in crust, as this particular dough has a flaky crust once cooked and served, an Argentine favorite! Our disco (dough shells) are specially prepared for your favorite filled pastry whether it is meat or fruit, served as a snack or at lunch alternately, you can use just about any food/combination of foods for a filling such as ham & cheese, chicken, liver, turkey, beef, and/or sausage, the ideal change from burgers & fast-food eateries! Discos are perfect for just about every occasion, for nearly every food service establishment with oven baking capabilities. These discos are currently available in 5-1/2” diameter only, and offered in various quantities for optional food handling and multi-purpose usage, all of which are prepared by carefully selecting premium, but just fine ingredients to bring out that homemade like taste. CUBANITA discos are delivered frozen, ready to be prepared and instantly off to cook. These “Hojaldre” discos are Ideal for baking, so whichever the purpose maybe their deliciously unique taste is guaranteed to get your sales cooking.


 Making Empanadas

We have provided an illustration so you can learn how to make empanadas (turnover pastries) from our discos. The process is easy as 1, 2, 3, by clicking here -> Discos to Empanada Process here you will notice just how easy it really is to make you own empanadas, step-by-step!


Serving suggestion:serve in the traditional method with other pastries aside or as a companion to meal plates. No special tools are required to make empanadas, all you need to do is put together your favorite filling around the CUBANITA Disco product of your choice and begin creating your own tasty turnovers. The only limitation is your imagination! Any way you prepare CUBANITA brand of disco’s you and your family will be completely satisfied..

Below are product listing and specifications

Size Description


Net weight Case dimensions Pricing

5-1/2” dia.

Puff pastry - baking only

24-12 / 288

14 oz.

17-1/2”Lg x 12”Wd x 4-1/4”Ht.

$ 42.00

7” dia.

Puff pastry - baking only

20-10 / 200

20 oz.

15”Lg x 15”Wd x 5”Ht.

$ 45.00



5-1/2" dia. - 14oz.


Cubanita discos are stacked in (10) ten count pieces per package and wrapped in either polypropylene, polyethylene, or laminated film via a horizontal flow wrapping equipment.

As far as manufacturing and packaging, we also offer private labeling on our premium quality dough product to meet your specifications. For instance, we would manufacturer the same exact discos dough product of ours, and package them under your own private label. The same way we have been providing for well reknown brands such longtime customers of ours who demand only the highest quality products possible.

Shipping Reference

For shipping purposes, each package of disco are packed into corrugated boxes (refer to product listings and specification above). Generally, a case of disco can be shipped individually or arranged accordingly in pallets. Please refer to the freight and shipping specifications provided by "clicking" type -> 5-1/2"dia. 24-10(14oz.), 7"dia. 20-10(20oz.)