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Although crisp and creamy croquettes are made throughout much of Spain, We at Cubanita have cooked up our own homemade recipe by which are referred to as “Classic Croquettes”. By carefully selecting premium ingredients, whether its serrano ham, roasted chicken meat, or tropical fish, all are uniquely crafted when mixed/combined with béchamel and seasonings such as pepper, salt, chopped onions, garlic, lemon juice, and/or paprika. Upon being formed, the croquette is extruded into a cylindrical shape, immediately dipped in egg wash and rolled in cracker crumbed breading, then stored frozen. Upon serving, Croquettes may be deep-fried (preferred), or in a small skillet using cooking oil until golden brown.

A croquette has never been as popular as it is today, meant to be eaten with one hand, a croquette is a finger food. This snack/appetizer not only appeals to the various Hispanic communities, yet they have gained worldwide popularity, both as a delicacy and as a fast food. Our “classic croquettes” are guaranteed to be a hit at any party, wedding or any other social occasion. They are easy and quickly to serve with a dip of your choice and look delicious at the same time!

Below are product listing and specifications

Size Description


Net weight Case dimensions Pricing
3/4" round x 2" length Party size

6 / 100


20-1/2"Lg x 12-1/2”Wd x 6-1/2”Ht.

$ 29.00

1" round x 3" length Regular size

6 / 40


20-1/2"Lg x 12-1/2”Wd x 6-1/2”Ht.

$ 30.00